Welcome to the NoBot Project

We address the problem of threats to networked systems from botnets, which are large-scale collection of malware-infected hosts("bots"). Our approach is to design a programmable platform for innovation, the NoBot Programming Environment (NOPE),which may reside on a variety of nodes (such as hosts, servers, middleboxes and routers) that are operated by network providers such as commercial ISPs or DISA. NOPE provides facilities for data collection, data analysis and policy distribution, creating a coordinated set of nodes which collaborate to overcome the botnet threat. We see programmability as fundamental to this vision, as the NOPE platform allows rapid evolution in the face of evolving botnet threats. Our approach places particular emphasis on security, ease of use and deployability to real equipment such as servers as well as emerging router standards. Our team combines leading researchers from the computer networking and programming languages disciplines to create a novel intellectual synthesis we believe can provide a unique approach to "out-evolving" the botnet threat via technological means.

We plan to design an evolvable NOPE prototype that is targeted towards existing server and emerging programmable router platforms that provides a new capability to outrun the botnet operators in a technological arms race. This is accomplished by better programming environments and advantaged placement (since the botnets must use the network, which the NoBot users control), as well as the incorporation of new trust management capabilities for managing scalable confederations of nodes.